The Blockchain Platform is the KDPW response to the growing needs of the capital market – specifically in the post-trade environment.

We believe that efficient and secure post-trade infrastructures can guarantee the stability of the financial market, so it is vital for them to be built using all the benefits that new technologies can offer.

Platform members all co-operating with each other will also bring substantial benefits for business, offering transparency and the highest levels of confidence in the services provided


The Blockchain Platform for the Capital Market is dedicated by Krajowy Depozyt Papierów Wartościowych to entities operating in the capital market. As an open solution dedicated to all entities operating in the capital market, it will forms the basis of the infrastructure used to jointly create a secure and dependable ecosystem for cooperation in the area of modern and innovative post-trade services.

As an open solution dedicated to all entities operating in the capital market, it forms the basis of the infrastructure used to jointly create a secure and dependable ecosystem for cooperation in the area of modern and innovative post-trade services.


The Blockchain Platform for the Capital Market is a modern business platform, which is an industry solution aimed at strengthening cooperation between multiple entities in order to maximise mutual benefits. It is addressed mainly to participants of the capital market interested in being involved in building a market network infrastructure. It enables the creation of independent applications supporting the development of innovative and profit generating business lines.



Transactions are notarised in real time. Transaction event records are cryptographically protected from being altered once recorded.


Entities are prevented from altering any of the contents of the transaction registry. Only recognised and authenticated entities can participate in the network, within specific roles, according to individually granted access rights.


The appliance of Open Source technology guarantees transparency and freedom of infrastructure choice, as well as the ability of integration with proprietary IT systems.


The distributed model increases security through data encryption, resistance to node failure and participant authentication when onboarding.


Storing essential information in multiple distributed locations provides instant access to services even in case of a single component failure.


Rapid and efficient onboarding of new participants. The more nodes the whole system has, the more reliable it becomes.


Built-in cryptography, standalone communication channels and strict access controls ensure that the scope of data access is restricted to those participants using the specific service together.


The common underlying building blocks of the system determine the principles of how all new applications function and ensure a simple implementation process.


What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a type of DLT (distributed ledger technology) network, where each user holds their own copy of the shared register. The state of that register is commonly agreed between all the nodes of the network and is sealed using an encrypted signature.

Blockchain technology allows all users of the network a full overview of the actual state of the register and prevents unauthorized changes to be made to its content. So Blockchain is a type of specific database, which fully guarantees an indisputable record of its content history.


In a register created using blockchain technology, each event is registered in chronological order using cryptographically encoded blocks, and these blocks are then connected to form a chain.

Each event is confirmed using a unique digital signature, which guarantees the integrity of the entire database. Every block contains the digital signature of its predecessor in the chain, so every unauthorized change to the content of the register creates an incompatibility error within a particular block and then all subsequent blocks.

Attempts at fraud, hacking or other errors are immediately detected and replaced with correct copies, which ensures that blockchain technology remains a guarantor of the highest standards of security and confidence in business.


The eVoting application is the first in a range of services which KDPW offers on the Blockchain Platform for the Capital Market. It supports general meetings of public companies, including voting using digital devices. The eVoting application is integrated with the KDPW application currently used for providing issuers with lists of persons entitled to participate in general meetings.

The integration will enable issuers to use the services of KDPW through a single access point. In addition to issuers and shareholders, eVoting stakeholders includes all those entities holding securities accounts with KDPW, for whom eVoting provides the ability to integrate with account maintenance services.



The ability to vote at general meetings without the need to be physically present and the ability to record the voting process.


Guaranteed data integrity, removal of potential errors and any risk of failure of any single access point.


Automated verification of voting entitlement and voting process as a whole.


Allowing entities maintaining securities accounts to integrate directly with services provided to investors.


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